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3 Porsche Panamera Supercar Convoy Carries 24 Gold Bars Worth £10m(₦5B) Across London




Under an intense security,Porsche supercar convoy of three Panamera carried £10million in total of 24 gold bars on a 12 nerve-wracking miles from Britain’s biggest gold refinery in East London’s Docklands to their new secure underground vault in Hatton Garden in the heart of the capital’s jewellery quarter on Sunday.

The 24 gold bars weighing a hefty 300kg in total and are together worth more than £10million, depending on daily gold market values. They were divided equally across the three cars, with eight bars together weighing 100kg and worth £3.3million crated up in each of the trio of vehicles.

Each individual gold bullion bar weighs 12.5kg (equivalent to around thirteen bags of sugar) is similar in size to a computer keyboard,large brick or small French loaf,and is worth around £420,000, enough to buy a decent three-bedroomed house in many areas.


The £3.3million gold bullion in the boot of each car would buy 28 of the £118,828 Porsche Panameras, while the £10million total in the three cars would buy 84 Porsche Panameras.

Roads were closed by the Police and there was even a helicopter to keep the whole event under surveillance.

Can a Nigerian bank/CBN take this type of risk…To carry £10m[₦5 billion] in a non bullet proof car,no tough looking and heavily armed millitary or police officers.