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Wash ‘n Wax – Original Car Wash Liquid


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An all-in-one car shampoo that both cleans and protects. ?
Super concentrated and Economical: Each bottle completes 100 car washes
Non Abrasive: Will not damage but rather enhance the paintwork.
Biodegradable: Ingredients break down to their basic constituents by biological activity.
Versatile: Can be used on tiles, ovens, grills, floors, etc.
Directions for use:
Pour a small quantity into water (measure with cap if possible), its highly concentrated , so a tiny quantity would foam up easily. Car should be wiped dry and not allowed to dry off in the sun.

Dual surfactant system, specially formulated for maximum non-abrasive cleaning and protection.
Protective silicone film displays excellent water barrier properties by promoting increased run-off due to beading.
Reduced oxidation due to this silicone protection.
Concentrated and economical: just a small dose in cold water displays excellent foaming properties.
Useful household applications: the same mixture is effective for cleaning surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, such as found on fixtures and appliances.

Second to a home, a car is probably the biggest investment a person will ever make. The two worst enemies for the finish on a car, or any painted metal surface, are abrasion and oxidation. Constant use of an abrasive polish can lead to thinning and wearing of the painted surface. The painted surface being porous results in molecules of air entering the surface and causing oxidation (similar to rust). Road film, environmental salt spray, sun and other factors all add to further breakdown on the surface. The process of wear and oxidation are continuous, so steps need to be taken to prevent them from occurring.

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