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Ameh I Ameh    April 20, 2019   Minna, Nigeria.   

From choice of car to budgeting, from actual purchase to shipping, from clearing to delivery! Is it the professionalism, is it the cost effectiveness, is it his promptness, is it the free technical pieces of advise that he continually reels out, or is it that power-packed website that says everything you need to know about motoring and its importation??? For the over 20 cars and still counting that he's delivered for me and my allies, I'm lost for words on how best to describe, but Autojosh's sure an all-in-one pack! And he remains the only choice.

Elachi Samuel    April 17, 2019   Abuja   

Got to know Autojosh through a friend, he is a professional to the core. I have since bought a 2012 Highlander, 2012 Camry, 2003 Camry and another 2012 Highlander. He is straightforward and always protect the interest of his client. I once paid for duty and he refunded me some money after clearing the vehicle. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants a good car and a good deal.

Bukie O. Okubanjo    April 16, 2019   Lagos   

Autojosh is a transparent & trustworthy man that knows in & out of cars, buses and any kind of vehicle. He's always after customer's satisfaction & ready to listen to any of customer's complaint at anytime. When I was about to get my car, Autojosh took his time to orientate me on things I didn't know about cars. I got the car below d budgeted price with the help of Autojosh which some dealers will not reveal to you. He ensured that the vehicle registration and every other things pertaining the car was done successfully before handing over the car to me. I love my car so much and I cannot hold my happiness. The little I can do to pay him back is to tell everyone about him.

Autojosh is the best dealer to consult for vehicle purchase. God bless you sir.

Wale Adeneye    January 13, 2018   Port Harcourt   

At the point of owning a car, Autojosh’s advice delivered me from fraudulent car dealers. After much talk, I transferred my funds to him without fear. He bought and landed a sound and very clean 2007 Toyota Avalon which has since been admired my friends and relatives whenever its sighted. The car is been driven close to 2yrs now without any issue, its performance earned Autojosh my referrals and he has since landed and delivered various SUVs for my friends. If you desire to own a car or you have someone, just consult Autojosh and get value for your money. Well done bro.

Oyewole    January 5, 2018   Lagos   

Without Autojosh, I wouldn’t have been able to get my car. This was in 2014 and my previous car was unreliable and needed to be replaced quickly. I had little cash and contacted Autojosh, reiterating my preference for a much older vehicle (Due to cost). He provided detailed explanation on the process of getting a new car and my options. He was also able to convince me to get a newer model vehicle based on my budget. He answered all my questions, was extremely patient and provided a level of exceptional customer service you rarely experience.

When I finally saw the car, I was really impressed. Autojosh did not stop when the car was delivered. He also provided after sales service even months after I started driving the car.

You can never go wrong with Autojosh. He is my personal car consultant. His knowledge of cars combined with sincerity, integrity and passion makes you better off.

Thanks a lot for being you sir. God bless you

Ayo    January 4, 2018   Lagos   

I’m so grateful to Auto Josh, he’s so professional and he does know his trade. He landed my 2015 Ford explorer so cheap and everyone has been asking if it’s new. When I told him my budget, he advised that I go for one with a slight accident and he finally got one that had a slight hit in front but we couldn’t really know the extent of impact.

He arranged for a mechanic in that location and put me on conference call with him as he test drove the car. The guy confirmed the car was in top Shape and we bought it. When the car arrived, Auto Josh arranged for the bumpers to be fixed and the SUV came out like Brand new- I’ve been using the car for over 2years now and still very sharp and clean.

Got a great deal and good value for money- many thanks Auto Josh

Elder Pilot Ikuenobe    January 4, 2018   Lagos   

I met Josh at the right time through a friend when I was in search of a sound SUV. As we discussed about the car through the phone, I immediately felt a sense of humane welcome.

He was calm and professional as he spoke to me on the phone. He demonstrated more of these attributes as we agreed and set out to search for Lexus GX470, from day one he was open and transparent in his business dealings. I remember asking him if he was a Nigerian or he grew up elsewhere before settling in Nigeria.

I am very proud that Autojosh is a reputable car dealerin Nigeria and would recommend Autojosh to anyone who needs a durable car or sport car (machine).

Thank you.

Kennedy. A.    January 4, 2018   Abuja   

For me it all started like a joke, though through one of the best people I have ever trusted in this life. I was swindled by a local dealer and frustrated for 8 good months; just when i was about to give up, autojosh came to my rescue, they managed me well and bit by bit i paid up for my ride which at that time was one of the most complete car with everything intact. My joy knew no bounds. Dis na my story and na true tori. – K.

Damilare    January 4, 2018   Lagos   

I bought my Honda Pilot through AutoJosh from the US and the one-stop-shop service provided was excellent. They helped with the bid, making payment, shipping and clearing and even supervised repairs and painting. Definitely the go-go guys for a peace of mind car purchase!

Sam Oye    January 3, 2018   Lagos   

This as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service in the order and delivery of my 2007 Toyota Camry SE provided by AutoJosh back in 2014. I was in a dilemma of either buying my car from a random lot in Lagos (Lagos cleared) or from Cotonou. But the problem was, many (about 99%) of the cars had hidden issues that couldn’t be seen by just looking at them. AutoJosh did a VIN check for me and it was amazing (Lol) what I found out. These cars were completely written off – beyond Oyinbo scrap sef!

So I decided to explore AutoJosh by buying the car for me from Auction and do all the fixing. At least, I’d know exactly what I was buying and what needed to be fixed. To my biggest surprise not only did I save hundreds of thousands after the fixing. My car was like brand new. Through my purchase experience (best I ever got and anyone will get) 3 of my office colleagues put in orders for Benz c300 4matic, c300, Toyota Camry SE and couldn’t help but refer their friends. AutoJosh (authorized dealer to purchase cars at US, Canada Auction) hardly took 3 days to find me a couple of options to select from to end my nightmare of the scrappy cars I was hoping to buy. AutoJosh’s ability to provide me a customized resolution quickly exceeded my expectations.

I have always and will continue to commend the prompt service provided by AutoJosh. There was no request for me to pay the entire cost of my order at once, rather, I was provided a timeline of when I should be prepared to make payments. This is utmost transparency!
AutoJosh also advised me on how to keep my car healthy. And with tips on the AutoJosh blog (, I have saved thousands of Naira from Mechanics till date. I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of AutoJosh. Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship; beyond just making a sale.

I would love to recommend AutoJosh to anyone who needs a car and is learning about mobility in general.

Keep up the great work AutoJosh!

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