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BMW Dramatically Reduces Prices Of Its EVs In The US



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BMW has dramatically reduced prices on its fleet of electric vehicles in the US. EV buyers have until April 30 to take advantage of significant rebates.

The German automaker is offering incentives of $5,000 on the i4 and i5 sedans and $7,500 on its flagship i7 sedan and iX SUV. These incentives apply whether you finance through BMW or pay with cash.

If you’re already a BMW owner, you’re eligible for even deeper discounts—a loyalty bonus of $1,000 for the i4, $1,500 for the i5, and $3,000 for the i7. Now, that’s a sweet way for BMW to reward its loyal customers.

BMW is also offering lease deals that will snag $7,500 off both the i4 and i5 and an incredible $9,900 off the i7 and iX. Pair that with the available loyalty discounts, and you could be driving an i7 for nearly $13,000 less!

These special offers expire at the end of April. And if you’re coming from a different EV brand and live on the West Coast, consider yourself lucky—BMW has an extra $1,000 bonus just for you.

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