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How A Car’s Mileage (Odometer) Is Rolled-Back

INTRODUCTION I have often heard people say, the digital meter on the instrument panel, can never be rolled back. The myth had been that its only the analogue mileages that could be adjusted. These days, there are tools available, especially online in China, that can be used to carry out …

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8 Top Reasons Why Your Car Check Engine Light Is On

  If you see that your check engine light is on, this may be a possible reason.   1. Faulty Oxygen Sensor The most common car repair is usually replacing the oxygen sensor. The O2 sensor is extremely important to a car’s engine performance as well as to the environment, measuring …

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2017 Toyota Fortuner: Bettering Your SUV Driving Fortunes

The demand for variety in the automotive industry by customers engendered the parade of exotic vehicles on our roads. Sports Utility Vehicles have come to occupy a pivotal place in the automobile world, confirmed by their popularity and corresponding robust patronage. Almost every motor brand has a gladiator which represents …

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11 Most Used Car Brands In Africa – Autojosh.

In this Article, AutoJosh reveals the Top 11 Most Used Car Brands In Africa. Due to rapid urbanization, Africa has become the most sought after destination for car manufacturers. According to Best Selling Car Blog, the top markets for new cars are South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco. The …

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Aston Martin : 10 Facts You Should Know

  Hello guys ,its going to be raining facts here again,this time around the super brand- Aston Martin, is the topic of enlightenment  . Lets go right in . 1. It was founded in 1913 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin as ‘Bamford & Martin Ltd’ . In 1914 the …

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13 Basic Driving Ethics Nigerian Drivers Don’t Practice

  Driving ethics are standards of courtesy while operating a vehicle. An example of driving ethics is avoiding cursing at people if they make an error while driving. However, some Nigerians will even curse you for their own error. I’ve always got several pet peeves while driving but hope I …

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Car Loan: Innoson (IVM) Partners With Sterling Bank

Car Loan IVM has partnered with Sterling bank to enable Nigerians own a car with ease. Through their IVM auto finance scheme, Nigerians can now own a car, drive home and pay as you go! All existing and future range of automobile brands are available through this auto finance scheme and …

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Bullet Proof Innosion Vehicle

Senator Ben Bruce Acquires Bullet Proof Innoson Vehicle

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has acquired a new bullet proof Innosion vehicle from Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Co. Ltd. The Senator who promised to make the vehicle his official car, pre ordered a bullet proof SUV which can stop an AK-47 bullet from IVM. Senator Ben Bruce said “Following my advise to …

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Is it truly over for this Rolls Royce Phantom?

Someone come to the rescue of this Rolls Royce.. is trending online.   Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria.. To ask any question about cars, visit..

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