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BRT Driver Faints While Driving In Oshodi, Lagos (Photos)

Photos from LASEMA Response Unit rescue mission as a BRT driver faints while driving at Agege Motor Rd, Oshodi, Lagos  #Call112 You can’t cheat nature.. take it easy and have some rest. See more photos.. See Related Post Accident As Commercial Bus Falls Into Gutter At Dopemu, Lagos (Photos) Download Our Android …

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The 2017 Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept Actually Looks Comfortable (Photos)

2017 Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride The Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride is a 6 seater fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that envisions mobility in a low-carbon society with advanced utilization of hydrogen and renewable energy.  Toyota pursued further possibilities of FCVs through the development of the Fine-Comfort Ride. It offers excellent environmental performance by discharging …

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