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OMG!! See The Price List Of Brand New Toyota Cars.

This is absolutely…… In fact, I am speechless. Toyota Corolla used to cost N3.5m. See the current price list of brand new Toyota cars.. Credit: Muizz   Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria.. To ask any question about cars, visit..

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The Genesis Of Autonomous Cars ( Video)

It all started in 1938,it was called the “Terregator” (Terrestrial Navigator) We also have the 1986 Chevy Van It was called NavLab (Navigation Laboratory) They were developed by Carnegie Mellon Robotics At the time they were revolutionary technologies. Now we have cars we only dreamt of  and had in Sci-fi movies years …

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best cars in nigeria

8 ways to prevent Uber drivers from ruining your Uber business

One question Nigerians always ask is.. What is the best and easiest business to invest in? I hear you chanting Uber! Uber!! already. Yea, It is absolutely easy to buy a car, inspect and sign it up with Uber. However, the most important factor is usually overlooked. The human factor …

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Tesla Motors : 11 Facts You Cannot Ignore

Tesla motors have continually tested the limits of electric cars and self driving cars .But very few people know about this company .Lets get enlightened . 1. Elon Musk is not the founder of Tesla .The founders are Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning .   – 2. The Model X …

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Federal Road Safety Commission FRSC

6 Important Documents All Drivers Must Have – FRSC

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Posted a list of six most important vehicle documents that must be with a driver before hitting the road to avoid any form of harassment. Failure to produce these set of documents could lead to your car being impounded. The Important document are: 1. A …

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FG will Gain $700 Million From Banning Car Importation Through Land Borders

FG will Gain $700 Million From Banning Car Importation Through Land Borders

The Nigeria Automotive Manufacturers Association (NAMA) said The Federal Government will gain as much as $700million (N213.5billion) from the ban on importation of cars through land borders. The Executive Director of the Association, Remi Olaofe, said that vehicle importation through land borders had been a major source of revenue leakage. …

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Opinion : 6 Ways Accidents Can Be Reduced In Nigeria

The way traffic accidents are increasing in Nigeria is getting alarming ,the funny thing is that most of it can be avoided .The question is what can we do about it ? . 1.Fix The Bad Roads This is more than obvious ,the bad roads have to be fixed .Huge …

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Facial Recognition Technology Comes To Chrysler

Is there a perfect way for a car to recognise the person behind the wheel? Well, Chrysler is working on a perfect answer to this by providing a facial recognition software for new cars. According to a Panasonic Automotive Associates, the software is robust enough to recognize motorists even if they get …

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Auto insurance

2 Types Of Auto Insurance Available To Cars Owners

The two basic types of auto insurance offered by most insurance companies in Nigeria are; third party insurance and comprehensive auto insurance. While the comprehensive motor insurance offers the greatest coverage, the third party is the cheapest car insurance policy and offers a lower degree of coverage. It is compulsory …

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Ford Unveils All-New 2018 Mustang

Ford Motor Co. has unleashed the new 2018 Mustang and as promised, the new supercar has a sleeker, curvier design and the iconic muscle looks. Coscharis Motors confirmed that the car will arrive Nigeria later this year. Ford has changed its engine options and offer a slew of new tech …

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Bolande Lru

Danfo Bus Somersaults On Agege Motor Road, Lagos (Photos)

LASEMA Response Unit got there sharp sharp as usual. The accident occurred at Bolade Bus stop.   See more photos…   Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria.. To ask any question about cars, visit..

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Lru Alao3

Container Truck tumbles in Maza-Maza,Lagos (Photos)

LASEMA response unit to the rescue as container truck falls at Alao Ozumba Street, Old Ojo Road, Mazamaza, Lagos. See more photos..   Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria.. To ask any question about cars, visit..

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19 Cars Owned By Cristiano Ronaldo (Photos)

Cristiano Ronaldo has a great flare for cars, not just any car but fast Cars to be precise and this can be seen once you have a glance of his private garage. The Current World best Player has an incredible 19 super cars. Portuguese and Real Madrid Talisman has spent …

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flying car

Flying cars to be produced from 2027 – Airbus

Flying cars By 2027, we may just be driving around town like “The Jetsons“. Airbus is planning to roll out flying cars which is even more futuristic than the driverless cars that are buzzing at the moment. According to the aviation company, a prototype will be ready at the end of …

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Anti-Trump Protesters Vandalises Cars and Banks

Chaos on some streets in Washington DC. Anti-Trump protesters have taken to the streets smashing things. Some vehicles have been vandalised including this Lincoln Limo. A Bank of America branch has also been affected. Policemen are currently repelling the vandals from crossing into the inauguration area.. and there are claims that …

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Petroleum Tanker Drivers

NUPENG Trains 4,500 Tanker Drivers To Reduce Accidents

In order to address the frequent tanker accidents on our Nigerian roads, the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has come up with an initiative. On Tuesday, they commenced a training programme for over 4,500 petrol tanker drivers. According to the National Chairman of Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD), …

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