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Nigerian Drivers Conference & Exhibitions, 2017 To Hold In Lagos

Plans and preparations for the 2nd edition of Nigerian Drivers Conference & Exhibitions which is scheduled to hold in Lagos on the 27th May, 2017 have been concluded according to the Event Director, Felix C. Nnuji (Co-Founder/Executive Director), Technology Avenue… NIGERIAN Drivers Conference & Exhibitions is an event organized to …

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run flat tires

2 Types Of Run Flat Tyres; How They Work

Though they first appeared in the mid-1980s, run flat tires (RFT) are now more popular than ever. With some auto manufacturers making them standard in new vehicles, more consumers are asking about run flats, their advantages, and how using them impacts driving. WHAT ARE RUN FLAT TYRES? Run flat tyres …

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maybach smart fortwo

Would You Buy This Maybach Smart Fortwo? (Photos)

Peisert Design who designed the upcoming Tesla electric truck and the four-door Benz AMG GT just revealed these photos of a possible Maybach Smart Fortwo. This is coming from a man who recently designed 2 vehicles that are redefining history.. although, we know this particular one is unlikely to happen. …

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5 Simple Steps To Operate a Fire Extinguisher – FRSC

Below is the simple steps to operate a fire extinguisher. Hold it up-right and do the following. 1. Pull the safety pin/break cartridge 2. Aim horn at the base fire 3. Press/squeeze nozzle 4. Discharge at the base of flame 5. Sweep from side to side Fire prevention is in …

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Volvo Unveils Autonomous Garbage Truck (Kolekole) – Photo & Video

Volvo Unveils Autonomous Garbage Truck Volvo is taking the autonomous driving to the next level as they unveiled their autonomous garbage truck. Some countries are still using human beings that push kolekole trucks on foot around town while some other countries are going driverless. They are currently working with the Swedish …

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Do Phones Really Cause Explosions At Filling Stations ?

You have probably seen a sign telling you switch of your phone in a filling station. The real question is , does a phone or its signal really cause a fire or explosions. Over the years loads of researchers and engineers have taken this up.The answer always comes to this …

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More Lovely Photos Of The Newly Commissioned Abule-Egba Flyover

See more photos of the recently commissioned Abule-Egba Flyover. Residents of the area who have been suffering from traffic congestion have been jubilating.   Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria..

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6 Life Saving Traffic Tips For Nigerian Drivers

I have not been to other parts of the world .But I am sure of one thing ,Nigeria and its roads are very peculiar and sometimes weird. What applies in other countries or other places might not be so here in Naija . So what are those extra things you …

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