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Lucid Motors Looking To Hand Ownership To Ford (Photos)

The electric auto makers, Lucid Motors, have been experiencing financial instability lately, and are looking for every means possible to acquire enough funds to continue with the Air Luxury Sedan. For this same reason, Lucid Motors had to slow down plans of constructing its proposed $700 million factory. They have …

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Mercedes Benz AMG S 63 And S 65 Luxury Super Saloon

Highlights of the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ And AMG S 65   Portfolio S 63  The new S 63 4MATIC+ (combined fuel consumption 8.9 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 203 g/km) is a dream vehicle for any car fan with a passion for performance and luxury. S 65 The AMG S 65 top model (combined …

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The New Mercedes X-Class Production Model Has Been Revealed (Photos)

Being the manufacturer’s first pick-up truck, the Mercedes X-Class features was made almost as luxurious and elegant as their previous models. Major features of the X-Class pick-up include; a large grille with LED-infused headlights, plastic body cladding, muscular wheel arches, and vertical tail-lights. At the launch, three configurations of the …

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lamborghini aventador

Tekno All Swagged Up With A Lamborghini Aventador (Photos)

The Nigerian singer, Tekno took to social media to share his swagged up photo with a white Lamborghini Aventador. He is allegedly using the sport car to shoot his upcoming music video in the states.  See more photos.. See Related Post See Exotic Cars Former FCT Minister’s Son Used To Show …

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13 DRIVING TIPS: What To Do If The Road Is Flooded

Driving through floods can pose all kinds of problems such as the possibility of electrical faults,the risk of hydraulic lock i.e when engine suck in water.Also,damage can be done to the pistons,connecting rods and other vital parts of your car’s internal mechanics. If you come upon a flooded street,take an …

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PSP Truck Kills Lagos APC Council Chairmanship Aspirant

Tragedy struck on the eve of local government council election in Lagos State as a PSP truck crushed a chairmanship aspirant of the Ikotun/Igando Local Council Development Area to death. The deceased, Shakiru Balogun, aka SAB, was a former Chairman, National Union of Local Government Employees of the LCDA . …

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See What Happened To This Street In Surulere, Lagos After The Rain (Photos)

According to twitter user GidiTraffic, this is the disgusting and unbelievable sight of Aboki Crescent Surulere Lagos . Should we still blame the government or the people? Share your opinion below. See Related Post: 8 Safety Tips For Flooded Vehicles – 9ja HSE Professionals     Download Our Android App Today… …

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Two Main Types Of Vehicle Chassis You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Car

How The Size Of Your Wallet Protects You In A Car Crash Have you ever wondered= -why in any collision or accident,smaller cars like hatchbacks and sedans/saloons are sometimes crushed completely;but vehicles like trucks,SUVs,pickups and buses are seldomly/partially damaged,depending how intense the accident is. -Why truck or big cars vibrate …

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A Review Of The Most Powerful SUV Currently

Power is something we yearn for more than anything , our quest for speed and more horsepowers is becoming very insatiable . It has shifted from the regular Bugattis and Ferarris to SUVs. The culprit catching our attention is like nothing we have seen. Its a SUV , it gives …

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This New Honda Ad Would Ignite Your Mind And Make You Want More

Honda recently released a video advertisement and it features just about everything they have created from cars , to robots and motorcycles . The detail was just awesome and I couldn’t help but marvel at the attention to detail.This was obviously a subtle, yet loud message they passed across “We …

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