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13 Interesting Car Facts Everyone Should Know.


These are 13 funny and interesting car facts everyone should know. These facts are divided into categories. Let’s go.. Nuts and Bolts 1. 165,000 cars are produced every day. 2. At a speed of 95 km/hr in your car, you would reach the moon in six months and in another …

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Top 8 Things You Should Know About the McLaren P1

  1)Production Production was strictly limited to 375 units to maintain exclusivity. Pricing started at GB£866,000(€1,030,000 or US$1,350,000)but,as of November 2013, about 75% of P1 customers opted for some level of unique design from McLaren Special Operations,raising the average sale price of a P1 above GB£1 million (€1.2 million or US$1.6 million). 2)Engine The McLaren …

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Top 10 Importers Of Cars In Africa As At The End 2016

FG will Gain $700 Million From Banning Car Importation Through Land Borders

This year is gradually going to an end ,it has been a very wonderful year in the auto world.Africa and Nigeria in particular has had some fluctuation in automobile importation. United States ,Germany and United Kingdom,hold first three spots in the world with U.S. leading with 24.7% ,Germany 7.4% and …

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10 Very Ugly Cars That Would Make You Cringe

Cars these days ,are so beautiful you would want to lick them.But some cars, both old school and new school are exceptions to this “rule” ,they would make you squeeze your face in disgust,and drop your jaw in shock. 1. TIRRITO AYRTON R My eyes !!,what were they thinking ? 2.FIAT …

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