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3 Things You Experience When You Use a Faulty Or Wrong Radiator Cap



The radiator is one of the important components of your car cooling system. It’s function is to help eliminate excess heat from the engine with the help of liquid coolant, fan and thermostat to monitor and regulate the coolant temperature. The radiator cap covers the radiator and it’s function is to keep the cooling system sealed at a given controlled pressure.

As simple as the radiator cover may look, if it’s bad or you use the wrong one for your radiator, your engine might get damaged.

You could experience any of these common symptoms if your radiator cap is faulty

1. Leakage of coolant

With a faulty or wrong radiator cap, your radiator is prone to leaks. If you observe coolants or water as the case may be, leaking out through the radiator cap, do well to get the cap replaced.

2. Collapsed radiator hose

The radiator hose works like a vacuum which helps maintain a safe engine temperature by pushing coolants through the cooling system. A collapsed radiator hose could be a sure sign of a radiator cap problem.

3. Engine overheating

There are so many reasons responsible for an engine to overheat. Faulty radiator cap is one of them.

In case you find out that your radiator cap is bad, replacing with a good one is not much hard of a task. Without proper knowledge about it, you could get cheated or frustrated by unprofessional technicians.

If you have had a bad radiator cap in your car before, share your experience with us.

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