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Automakers To Cleanup Diesel Cars As They Fear Ban In German Cities


According to statement issued by government and industry sources, Germany Auto industry officials have agreed to clean up diesel vehicles through software updates as part of a rescue plan for avoiding diesel bans in cities. Following the Volkswagen Group’s confession to emissions-test cheating in 2015, auto stakeholders have come under …

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6 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Is Consuming Excessive Engine Oil

Engine oil consumption is a problem nobody wants. Most new engines today use less than half a quart of oil in 3,000 to 5,000 miles.But as the miles accumulate, wear and oil consumption naturally go up. An engine that burns oil will usually foul the spark plugs.That,in turn will cause ignition misfire, …

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Helpful Tips On How To Identify Automotive Fluid Leaks

Leaks can be difficult to identify,but there are clues that can help you determine just what is slowly dripping from under your car. There are three things to look for when trying to determine where the leak may be coming from:LOCATION,COLOR and CONSISTENCY. 1)Engine Oil Engine oil leaks are the most …

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All New 600HP BMW M5 Switches From 2WD To 4WD When Needed (Photos)

The new BMW M5 takes BMW M GmbH into new territory, with M xDrive all-wheel drive featuring in the high-performance sedan for the first time. This change of tack sees the M5 exploring new dynamic dimensions and offering greater everyday practicality in all driving conditions.  The new M xDrive developed by BMW M GmbH is the most emotionally …

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Causes,Symptoms And Prevention Of Engine Sludge

Engine sludge is basically a dirty,sticky, grease-like substance,formed due to oxidation/contamination of oil in the engine. During oxidation,the molecules of engine oil break down and the resultant products combine with the dirt in carbon form,metallic particles,fuel,gases,water and liquid coolant. Together the mixture forms a sticky sludge. Stop-and-go driving in heavy …

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Top 12 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

No-starts fall into two basic categories: The Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly The Engine cranks,But Does Not Run If you turn over the key and the engine doesn’t crank,that probably means there’s an electrical problem.This can mean a number of things,including faulty sensors.Here are 12 different ways to narrow down …

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How Often Should You Change The Air Filter In Your Car?

air filter

Every internal combustion engine needs air in order to work. Without it, fuel does not burn and provide the force needed to deliver power to the engine. Additionally, the air has to be clean. Otherwise, dust and debris will foul the engine, reducing performance, wearing down metal components, and shortening …

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8 Ways You’re Ruining Your Car Without Realizing It

1)Using the Wrong Engine Oil The thickness of the oil(viscosity)effects how the oil does its job.Each car engine was designed for a specific viscosity.There is a lot of difference between 5W-30 and 10W-30 engine oil. Always stick with the manufacturer recommendation,conveniently found in your owner’s manual. 2)Letting Your Fuel Tank …

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Top 10 Causes of Car Fires

Fire is something that can cause serious damage.Be it a house or an automobile. Sometimes,vehicles can be lit up,but by the time one can realise it,it often is too late. Automobiles are very prone to catching fire. They have a lot of electricals and fluids in them and even components …

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