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How To Differentiate Between 4-Cylinder And V6 Toyota Venza By Just Looking At The Wheels



toyota venza with the 4-cylinder engine

There are numerous ways to determine if a 2009-2015 Toyota Venza comes with a 4-cylinder engine or a V6 engine. One of these ways is just by mere looking at the wheels of the Toyota Venza.

This method of differentiation will only work if the Venza  still have the factory fitted rims. If the rims are custom rims, you may not be able to tell them apart from the wheels.

In our post on “How To Know If A Toyota Camry Or Venza Has 4 Or 6-Cylinder Engine Just By Looking At The Rear Of The Car”, you’ll see how differentiating the two can be done by looking at the rear of the Venza.

This time around, we will show you how to know just from the wheels.

The difference between a 4-cylinder engine Toyota Venza and the V6 is in the number of spokes in the wheel of these cars.

1. The V6 engine Venza comes with the 20-inch alloy wheels with just 5 spokes.




2. The 4-cylinder engine Venza comes with the 19-inch alloy wheels which has 10 spokes.


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