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Toyota Recalls 228,000 Tacoma Pickup Trucks

toyota tacoma

Toyota Motor North America has recalled some 2016 and 2017 Tacoma trucks… about 228,000 vehicles are affected. The recall is due to rear differentials that may leak oil. This can damage the rear differential resulting to loss of control as well as a crash. Toyota dealers are expected to inspect …

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4 Best Cars To Use For Uber Business


Uber is one business that is worth investing in if you’d like to earn ₦140,000 monthly on a ₦2,000,000 investment. The 2 most important factors to succeed in the business are getting a practical car that is in good working condition.. as well as getting a good and trustworthy driver. …

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Toyota Unveils Zero Emission Trailer Trucks


Toyota Unveils Zero Emission Trailer Trucks Toyota has unveiled a zero emission trailer truck in a bid to put hydrogen fuel cell technology to use. The project will be experimented at the port of Los Angeles. The port has implemented a Clean Air Action Plan and large vehicles are responsible …

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Top 10 Most Valuable Auto Brands Of 2017


Image Credit  People are buying cars nowadays more than they have ever done in history,thereby making some companies boom and make lots of money .Today we would be counting down on the Top 10 Most Valuable Auto Brands. 10. Chevrolet This American automaker dropped one spot from 9th position, even …

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Craze For “PRADO JEEP” In The Nigerian Space


So many automotive brands jostle to have the upperhand in the giant-of-Africa market, in various species of vehicles. This competition has seen the evolution of automobiles reach astounding heights that reemphasizes this age as a technological and digital one. The salon cars, pickups, trucks, etcetera, herein bear the fascinating touch …

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5 Most Loved Car Brands In The World..

If you are auto savvy, you must have observed that the trend of launching new models of cars every year is more frequent now as compared to the past.  The motive is obvious; the sale of cars has been increasing and the customers demand for the latest technology, comfort and enhanced …

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Cars-Their Names,Meaning And Nomenclature-PART II

Image Credit If you missed part one , you should check it out here.Lets continue with the revealing information about cars their names and meanings. 1.Ferrari Most people already know this ,coined from the name of the founder Enzo Ferrari . 2.Fiat Coined from the acronym of Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino …

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