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Causes,Symptoms And Prevention Of Engine Sludge

Engine sludge is basically a dirty,sticky, grease-like substance,formed due to oxidation/contamination of oil in the engine. During oxidation,the molecules of engine oil break down and the resultant products combine with the dirt in carbon form,metallic particles,fuel,gases,water and liquid coolant. Together the mixture forms a sticky sludge. Stop-and-go driving in heavy …

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12 Reasons To Do A Car VIN Check Before You Buy That Car


One of the most important checks you should carry out when buying your tokunbo or some Nigerian used cars is a VIN check. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a 17 character alpha-numeric code that is unique for each vehicle.. and it can be used to check the entire history …

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Ways Of Getting Rid Of Rats Or Mice Out Of Your Car Engine

Most cars are parked near footpaths or in basement parkings that are close to drains/gutters.Drains harbor entire rat colonies and in the rains,or when it’s breeding time,rats prefer warm and cozy spots like the engine bay of a car to a damp drain. Rodents are everywhere,and some are likely to …

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10 Tips For Driving Safely In Road Construction Zones

Whether you’ve been driving for decades or got your driver’s license last week,the tips below are important reminders to make sure you and road construction workers get home safely. 1)Expect the unexpected in road construction zones Normal speed limits may be reduced,traffic lanes may be changed and people and vehicles …

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How To Jumpstart A Car-It’s Never Too Late To Learn

Your battery can die from leaving your keys in the ignition,not closing the doors all the way, and of course leaving a light on for an extended period of time.And luckily even though the battery plays such an important role,it is one of the easiest things to fix. Before jumping …

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6 Things You Must Do When You Have A Tyre Blowout


The event of the unfortunate death of Nigeria’s Minister of State for Labour was due to an accident occasioned by a tyre blowout; the fact that in Nigeria nowadays we have many untrained drivers, it has become pertinent for us to write this. There are 6 simple steps to take …

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How To Cool Your Car Like A Pro (Video)

  Nice tips from consumer report on how to cool your car quickly. I always practice the rolling down of the windows for hot air to escape.    See Related Post: Top 12 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start   Download Our Android App Today… https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.donald.autojosh&hl=en Check import duty for over …

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Top 3 Auction Companies Nigerians Buy Tokunbo Cars From

Today, AutoJosh will be discussing the top 3 auction companies car dealers and car owners buy their cars before shipping them to Nigeria as Tokunbo. It is no more news that bulk of tokunbo cars in Nigeria are sourced from USA. Many say it’s due to our love for the “Dollar” and …

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9 Steps For Payment Of Fines By Traffic Violators – FRSC

Federal Road Safety Commission FRSC

PROCEDURE FOR PAYMENT OF FINES BY TRAFFIC VIOLATORS Where the offender elects to pay the prescribed fines, the following processes shall apply:- STEP 1 A payer may elect to make payment through any of the commercial banks in Nigeria or through an electronic medium. The payment gateway shall be REMITA …

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5 Do-It-Yourself Car Cleaning Tips You Should Know


While few Nigerians get their cars cleaned at the Car-wash, the rest like to clean their babies themselves, if you fall into this category, this tips or ‘expo’ should help a lot. Continue below. See Related Post 5 Important Tips For Driving In The Rain – FRSC Muddy tyres Cars that drive …

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List of 10 Most Unreliable Cars – Consumer Reports


It’s not always easy pinning down exactly what makes an automobile unreliable, because between harsh environments, poor driving habits, and the occasional lemon or two, a lot can go wrong without there ever being a recall on the automaker’s end. Every year we look forward to hearing what Consumer Reports has found to be …

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