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The Best Ways To Maintain A Car When Parked For A Long Period – Hyundai Experts



maintain car hyundai

maintain car hyundai

Hyundai experts gave tips on the best ways to maintain a car when parked for a long period.

Due to curfews in many cities, we’ll have to give up driving for some time. Hyundai asked their experts and technicians about the best way to maintain a car when parked for a long period. Check the steps to know how to be good to your car.

If your car has been parked for long because of curfew, below are some tips for you from Hyundai experts on how to maintain it.

1. To protect you battery and lubricate the engine and transmission

Lay back in your seat, start your car for 20 minutes, and enjoy your favourite book. These 20 minutes will extend the life of your car battery.

maintain car hyundai


2. Turn on the air conditioner to stay fresh

This will lubricate the internal parts of the AC and protect it on the long run.

maintain car hyundai


3. To protect the windshield

Keep your wiper blades lifted. This will save the glass from scratches due to dust and sand.


4. To prevent tyres from flat spots and make sure you still know how to drive

Take your car for a short drive around the parking area (100m-200m) if possible. You can as well move it for 20cm from the current parking position.

This will save your tyres, and save you from paying for new ones later on.


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