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7 Safety Precautions You Should Observe When Working On Your Vehicle



safety precautions vehicle

7 Safety Precautions You Should Observe When Working On Your Vehicle

safety precautions vehicle

Utmost care should be taken while working on your vehicle to prevent accidental injury. If you must perform do-it-yourself (DIY) maintenance on your car, be sure to follow the correct procedures. If you should do the wrong thing, you may end up creating problems for your car.

For those that want to perform DIY maintenance, it is pertinent you observe the following safety precautions when working on your vehicle in order to avoid injury.

Below are the 7 precautions you should be especially careful to observe:

1. When the engine is running, keep hands, clothing, and tools away from the moving fan and engine drive belts. It is also advisable to remove rings, watches, and ties.

2. Right after driving, the engine compartment, radiator, exhaust manifold, spark plug boots, etc will be hot. So be careful not to touch them. Oil, fluids and spark plugs may also be hot.

3. If the engine is hot, do not remove the radiator cap or loosen the drain plugs to prevent burning yourself.

4. Do not leave anything that may burn easily, such as paper or rags in the engine compartment.

5. Do not smoke , cause sparks or allow open flames around the fuel or battery. Their fumes are flammable.

6. Do not get under the vehicle with just the body jack supporting it. Always use automotive jack stands or other solid supports.

7. Be sure the ignition is off if you must work near the electric cooling fan or radiator grille. With the ignition on, the electric cooling fans will automatically start to run if the engine coolant temperature is high and/or the air conditioning is on.

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