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Kia EV9 Electric SUV Wins World Car Of The Year Award For 2024



Just like in 2023, a Korean electric car won the World Car of the Year award. This time, it is not the Hyundai Ioniq 6 that wins that title, but the Kia EV9.

The electric Renault Scenic was recently voted Car of the Year 2024, a title awarded by a selection of European journalists. The European Car of the Year election is not the only automotive competition that is decided by journalists. There is also the World Car of the Year election, the outcome of which is determined by around 100 international car journalists. The four-wheeled winners have now been announced during the New York International Auto Show. Just like last year, the winner is a Korean EV: the Kia EV9.

The electric Kia EV9 has been voted World Car of the Year. The BYD Seal and the Volvo EX30 reached the other podium places in the keel care. Kia is undoubtedly extremely satisfied with the outcome. Kia’s joy is further increased by the second title that the electric SUV has won. The EV9 has also been named World Electric Vehicle of the Year. The EV9 left the BMW i5 and the Volvo EX30 behind. But there are more winners, including the Volvo EX30 and the BMW i5, that missed out on the World Car of the Year and World Electric Vehicle of the Year titles. For example, the Volvo EX30 has been voted World Urban Car, and the BMW i5, together with the non-electric BMW 5-series, can call themselves ‘World Luxury Car’. The EX30 remained ahead of the Lexus LBX and BYD Dolphin on the podium; the BMW i5/5 series, in turn, finished above the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and EQE SUV.

Hyundai also wins prizes. The extremely sporty Ioniq 5 N has been voted World Performance Car, surpassing the BMW M2 and BMW XM. The last title relates purely to design. The World Car Design of the Year trophy goes to the new Toyota Prius. The Japanese scored more points in this category than the Ford Bronco and the Ferrari Purosangue.

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