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Sales of BMW Group Electrified Vehicles Top 50,000


The BMW Group had its best July ever, with global sales in the month totalling 180,726, a 0.4% increase year-on-year. The company also sold more vehicles than ever before in the first seven months of the year with a total of 1,401,551 (+4.3%) vehicles delivered to customers around the world. …

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The BMW i8 – The Most Progressive Sport Car (Photos)


The BMW i8 is the most progressive sport car revolutionising its vehicle class. As the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car. The strength of the plug-in hybrid lies, among other factors, in the perfect synchronisation of electric motor and combustion engine. This gives …

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Sexiest Russian Motorcyclist Dies In A Bike Accident (Videos)

Known as “sexiest Russian motorcyclist” by her 160,000 Instagram followers, 40 year-old hairdresser, Olga Pronina, died in a motorcycle accident, when she crashed her BMW S1000RR into a guardrail in Vladivostock, Russia, leaving behind a 16 year-old daughter. Although her Instagram account, Monika9422, has long been de-activated, many of her fans still …

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MoAoun Designs An Audi R8 For Nigerian Roads (Photos)

The design company, MoAoun, which is famous for the concepts of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Mercedes G-Class and Tesla Model X, has done a perfect job in designing a Audi R8 Off-roader. Although the properties or capabilities of the concept hasn’t been revealed. You can tell the car is definitely suitable for cruising the …

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This Cute 1-Year Old Boy Can Name More Cars Than You

Can You Challenge This Cute 1Year Old Boy In The Game Of Naming Cars? He even pronounced Porsche rightly Watch the short videos How old were you when you started speaking and what was the first thing you said–”mama” or “dada”? I bet you were talented,but were you as good …

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A New BMW Z4 Is On The Way. Teaser Image Released


The BMW Z4 is still basically behind curtains even after the teaser image. The new sports car is said to be developed in co-operation with Toyota.. as it is built on the same platform with the upcoming Toyota Supra. The BMW Z4 will be revealed on the 17th August at the Pebble Beach …

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Benz Vs BMW – Which Is Actually Better?

“Better”. The term “Better” is so multifaceted. But i will try to explain it from certain points of view. When we talk about actual driving, BMW is usually considered the better driving machine. Their cars are most of the time lighter than the MB counterparts and thus are able to …

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Will You Buy This 1980 BMW M1 For N275million? (Photos)

bmw m1

Some old cars are just like old wine, they get more expensive as they age… and this 1980 BMW M1 is not an exception. Who would have thought it could cost N275million ($745,000)? That’s what a seller is currently asking. Thanks to the fact that only 453 units were made, making …

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BMW Half-Year Sales Hits Record High Of 1 million Cars

bmw m760li

  The BMW brand achieved its best-ever first half-year, topping the million mark for the first time ever by this point in the year. Global BMW sales totalled 1,038,030 units, an increase of 5.2% on the same period last year. Sales of BMW brand vehicles in June totalled 192,873, up 2.0% compared …

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7 Interesting Car Adverts You Need To See (Photos)


Get it? The getaway driver isn’t there because he can’t stop driving the Audi.       Land Rover Defender goes beyond       Would you take this bus or the Lambo?   See Related Post Top 7 cars that once ruled our Nigerian roads.   Jaguar is scared of …

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