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The Evolution Of Toyota Corolla From The Year 1966 To Present (Photos)













There are various Toyota vehicles on our Nigerian roads, but Toyota Corolla is one of the most common of them all. Check around where you are right now, there is a high possibility of seeing one or two Toyota Corollas around.

Toyota Corolla is very common in Nigeria due to myriad of reasons which include:  durability, longevity, good fuel economy, easy maintenance, good resale value etc.

The Toyota Corolla pronounced Toyota Karōra in Japanese was introduced in 1966 and by 1974 was the best-selling car worldwide. Ever since then to present day, it remained one of the best-selling cars in the world.

Most of the early models were rear-wheel drive, but now most of the newer models are front-wheel drive.

Let’s take a walk down the history lane and see how Toyota Corolla changed throughout its 53 years of excellent existence.

1. 1966–1970: First generation (E10)

This was the first car to bear the name Toyota Corolla. It was introduced in 1966 with the new 1100cc K pushrod engine.










2. 1970–1974: Second generation (E20)

This Corolla was restyled with a more rounded body and the new 1400 T and the 1600 cc 2T OHV engines were also added.










3. 1974–1979: Third generation (E30, E40, E50, E60)

The Toyota guys decided to make the Corolla rounder, bigger and heavier. In this generation, two door liftback was added and in 1976, Corolla was fitted with retracting front seat belts.









4. 1979–1983: Fourth generation (E70)

This generation brought a major restyle of the Corolla. Instead of the normal round body, it came with the square edge design.
The size of the grill, headlights and taillights were all reduced.

This was the last model to use the K “hicam” and T series engines.












5. 1983–1987: Fifth generation (E80)

In this generation, Toyota followed the style during that time. A sloping bonnet, sharp-edged and no frills.












6. 1987–1991: Sixth generation (E90)

The sixth generation of the Toyota Corolla which was introduced in May 1987 has more rounded and aerodynamic style. And most model came with front-wheel-drive.









7. 1991-1995: Seventh generation (E100)

In June 1991, Corollas received a redesign to be larger, heavier, and have the completely rounded, aerodynamic shape of the 1990s.









8. 1995-2002: Eight generation (E110)

The production of the eighth generation Corolla started in May 1995. The design of the car was slightly altered throughout but retained a look similar to that of the seventh generation (E100). For the very first time in 1998, some non-Japanese Corollas received the new 1ZZ-FE engine. The engine was the first in a Toyota to have an aluminum engine block and aluminum cylinder heads, which made this generation lighter than the E100 Corolla.











9. 2003–2007: Ninth generation (E120,E130)

The ninth generation Corolla was introduced in August 2000 with edgier styling and more technology to bring the nameplate into the 21st century.









The North American release was delayed until March 2002 (for the 2003 model year). The E130 was sold in North America from 2003 to 2008.











10. 2008-2013: Tenth generation (E140, E150)

The body style of the Corolla totally changed for this generation.










11. 2014-2018: Eleventh generation (E140, E150)











12. 2019–present: Twelfth generation (E210)


We would love to hear from you. Which generation of the Toyota Corolla do you love the most? How many of them have you driven and what are your experiences?

We are sill surprised Nigerians didn’t give names to the various Corolla models just like they did for Camrys

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