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This N73m Tesla Roadster Is The Quickest Car In The World (Photos)

This is the first supercar to set every performance record and still fit seating for four. A lightweight, removable Glass Roof stores in the trunk for an open-air, convertible driving experience. As an all-electric supercar, the Tesla Roadster maximizes the potential of aerodynamic engineering—with record-setting performance and efficiency. It has an …

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Cars Given Out As Souvenirs At A Wedding In Benin City, Nigeria

We’ve seen wedding souvenirs in Nigeria ranging from plastic cups to mobile phones. But this couple who had their wedding in Benin City took theirs to the next level by giving two  Toyota Camry cars to lucky winners after a raffle draw. The bride is a Lagos-based Interior designer known as …

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Photo Of The Day: Policeman Repairing Gun At Roadside Welder’s Shop

See photos of a Nigerian Policeman repairing his gun at a welder’s workshop. This is definitely a risky venture and could even lead to accidental discharge killing innocent souls. See Related Post Police Take Over Eko Bridge Due To Night-Time Robbery (Photos) Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty …

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Taxify Launches In Abuja! Offers 40% discount in November

Taxify Launches In Abuja Taxify, the fastest-growing ride-sharing platform in Europe and Africa, launched in Abuja on 10th of November with hundreds of driver-partners signed up to the platform and ready to accept rides all across the city. To celebrate, the company is offering a 40% discount to riders during the month …

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Volkswagen Wants To Spend ₦14.4 Trillion On Hybrid And Electric Cars

Volkswagen is joining the list of automakers who want to change the future of automobile and safeguard our environment. They plan on spending $40 Billion (approx ₦14.4 Trillion) between 2018 and 2022 on electric cars, autonomous cars and new technology. Most of that money will be going into updating Volkswagen’s current …

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15 Car Related Terminologies and their Explanations

When it comes to cars and the automobile industry at large, there are terminologies used to describe certain things that you might not be able to see in our conventional dictionaries. It may not be possible to know all of these terms and their meaning. This post is for the …

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The Success Story Of Ondo Auto Rally (Photos And Videos)

As the name implies, it was an Auto Rally and not a Political Rally. However, the accolade the Ondo Auto Rally received is synonymous to a peace campaign which brings every Nigerian together as one whilst promoting economic activities. It all started at 7am on Friday 10th of Nov. 2017 when …

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This Simple Solution Will End Road Traffic Forever

If we analyze the whole thing thoroughly, especially in Lagos, traffic is caused by human error all the time, apart from bad roads of course. All things being equal, with good roads, traffic lights e.t.c, humans are the major cause of traffic; impatience, exchange of blows 😀, speaking too much English …

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Would You Buy This Bicycle For ₦3 Million ?

  You are probably wondering,”Why on earth  would someone  buy a bike for such an amount!”. If you took note of the Mercedes-AMG GT R’s release, you would know the German automaker referred to it as the Beast of the Green Hell 🐲 . The next beast is coming in the form of …

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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Awful Smells In Your Car

A smelly car can be really embarrassing! Sometimes they are easy to resolve, other times they are not. Let’s learn some tips to get rid of awful smells in a car 1. Type of smell First we have to be sure of the type of smell to be able to …

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