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Loaded Tanker Skids Off The Highway On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway (Photos)

LRU to the rescue at Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, by MFM as a fully loaded tanker fell at the steep side of the road. No casualty. See more photos See Related Post Littering Your Car Can Cause A Deadly Accident – Read This   Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty for …

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7 Facts You Need To Know About Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

The beauty of technology is that it performs most of our tasks without our knowledge. There are many times our cars could have skidded off the road when we apply emergency brakes. Thanks for sensors that ensure we stay out of trouble. There are times we need to take split …

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odunlade adekola range rover

Actor Odunlade Adekola Shows Off His Range Rover (Photo)

Famous Nigerian actor (Odunlade Adekola) was spotted with his Range Rover SUV as he wished his fans a happy Sunday.  See Related Post Governor Ambode’s Bulletproof Official Range Rover Sentinel (Photos)   Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria..

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Top 8 Things You Should Know About the McLaren P1

  1)Production Production was strictly limited to 375 units to maintain exclusivity. Pricing started at GB£866,000(€1,030,000 or US$1,350,000)but,as of November 2013, about 75% of P1 customers opted for some level of unique design from McLaren Special Operations,raising the average sale price of a P1 above GB£1 million (€1.2 million or US$1.6 million). 2)Engine The McLaren …

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6 Signs Your Sparkplugs Need To Be Replaced

Spark plugs are similar to motor oil,fuel filters,and air filters in that they require routine service and maintenance to keep your engine running strong. Spark plugs are designed to transmit an electrical signal sent from the ignition coil at a predetermined time to create a spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. …

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How Many Of These Single-Axled Cars Can You Name? (Photos)

These designs were made by Soufyane Benhammouda, who started a project to determine the best and worst-looking front and rears of cars. Now, for those Car gurus , here’s a little something to test your knowledge, try to name these single-axled cars in the comment section below and don’t forget to download …

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Alcraft GT- The Electric Super Car That’ll Make You Drool (Photos)

We’ve seen many  electric vehicles start-up companies pop out of different countries of the world, even some popular Car brands are beginning to adapt to the fully electric and low CO2 emission world. One of these start-ups is the Alcraft Motor Company, which brought forward their rendered concept they call …

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