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Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek



Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek - autojosh

Elizade Auto Land launches JAC J7 sedan, nicknamed The Sleek, into the Nigerian market.

The first 10 customers to buy the JAC J7 Sleek immediately after the launch to get N1 Million discount.

J7, a unique collaboration between JAC Motors and the VW Group, combines Asian tech with German quality standards.

The vehicle comes with 150,000-kilometers or five-year warranty as well as after-sale support service.

After-sale support service made easy with the availbility of workshop/genuine spare parts across the country.

Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek - autojosh

Call it a masterpiece, or a star or a dream come true or a show stopper. With whichever you decide to settle with, you are absolutely right.

All the aforementioned adjectives can rightly be used to describe the wonders on wheels- aptly called the JAC J7, and nicknamed The Sleek.

This car, which is one of the outcomes of the recent collaboration between Volkswagen and JAC Autos, was unveiled last week to distinguished guests in a high profile event in Lagos.

Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek - autojosh

The unveiling was witnessed by ace comedian Ali Baba and select top nollywood artistes and corporate customers of the Elizade Autoland, including the representative of the Lagos State Government, Chief of Staff, Tayo Ayinde, and Managing Director/CEO of the Coleman Wires and Cables, George Onafowokan, who were astonished by the beauty and performance of the car.

Chairman and founder of Elizade, Chief Michael Ade.Ojo, who said he was impressed with the remarkable performance of the JAC brand in Nigeria in less than ten years, noted that the introduction of the J7 indicated the general acceptability of the JAC brand in Nigeria.

Managing Director of Elizade Autoland, Mr. Ademola Ade-Ojo, recounted the interesting nine-year experience of the auto company in building confidence in the Nigerian buyers about the brand.

Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek - autojosh

He noted that they were encouraged by the customers’ warm acceptance and continued improvement in the design and overall performance of the JAC models in the passenger, commercial and light duty trucks.

He also stated that after the acquisition of 75 per cent of JAC by Volkswagen, “the merger and acquisition has helped to improve the design, quality, specification and overall experience of the passenger vehicles. The first set of car models birthed from this German- Asian infusion among others is the all-new exclusive JAC J7 (the sleek).”

He also announced a N1m discount for the first 10 customers to buy the vehicle immediately after the launch.

Head of Brand and Marketing Communication at the Elizade Autoland, Mr Franklyn Okotie, gave the synopsis of the car’s features.

Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek - autojosh

The J7, he said, had been designed with an abundance of trailblazing features that harnessed the latest technological breakthroughs to move riders from their take-off point to the destination in turbo-speed.

Other key and selling features of the 1.5 litre engine, according to him, are its fuel economy, yet fast-running and sleekness.

The J7 is said to present a sporty, waterfall intake grille as its unique front design and well detailed LED headlamps forming a stunning front appearance.

Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek - autojosh

And the unique threading rear backlight gives the car design a wider and sporty appearance with a streamlined hatchback body. The Tail lift has an elevated height to take in bigger items when opened.

According to the auto firm, you don’t need to touch the key to open the trunk or the car doors, the censor button on your car key controls all the locking and unlocking features even while in your pocket.

The future you used to chase is now at your doorstep. Push to start your journey into a new era with just one touch on a censor button powered by an automatic ignition.

Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek - autojosh

The state-of-the-art interior design is said to have been conceived for maximum comfort with quality leather seats and a dashboard that is classy and beautiful to behold.

The car seat is spacious with extended legroom and a second seat row that integrates with the trunk to provide adequate space to accommodate more luggage with a capacity of up to six suitcases at a time.

The LCD cluster helps to change the display colors on the dashboard to red, gold, and blue with controls on the steering whilst the dynamic breathing and unique ambient light movesand changes colors with the rhythm of your music.

Elizade Auto Land Introduces JAC J7 Sleek - autojosh

It has a unique central console in front of the car and a dynamic instrument panel that allows you to feel the modern life.

Almost every feature of the car can be operated from the entire console, with zero stress or hassle. This console also has a digital multimedia kit, compatible with android and apple devices.

Once your USB cable is plugged in, it allows you to control phone features like Maps, messaging, music, WhatsApp and many more, on the car dashboard.

The auto company declares, “You can join your Zoom calls and team work meetings on the go without touching your phone.”

The vehicle comes with 150,000km or five-year warranty as well as after-sale support service, made easy with the availbility of workshop/genuine spare parts in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt as well as other parts of the country made possible through Elizade Autoland’s Know Your User strategy.

Aside the J7 Sleek, Elizade Auto Land also distributes other passenger vehicles/SUVs, commercial vehicles and trucks, with nation-wide presence.

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