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Ferrari Sued In The US Over Defective Brakes



Dream car builder or not, Ferrari also makes mistakes sometimes. Pretty serious, even. The brand is being sued for a potentially dangerous defect in the brakes.

A Ferrari owner from California is said to have encountered braking problems several times with his now 14-year-old 458 Italia, including during a fast and steep descent. That is not pleasant in a Mitsubishi Space Star, but perhaps slightly less pleasant in a Ferrari. According to prosecutors, this specific driver is not alone, because more brake problems are known with Ferraris from this period. Ferrari does not deny this and has already implemented recalls on certain models, also in Europe. In an official response, the Italians said the following:

“The safety and well-being of our customers is our top priority. We follow strict safety and security guidelines to ensure that our vehicles always meet homologation specifications. In October 2021, Ferrari informed all relevant international authorities of a recall of some of its vehicles due to a possible defect in the braking system, which could potentially leak brake fluid, leading to a partial or complete loss of braking power. The original recall affected some vehicles produced between MY 2010 and MY 2019, followed by a voluntary extension of the recall, as a technical precaution, to other vehicles produced between 2003 and 2019.”

That sounds like a fairly adequate response, but according to the class action lawsuit in San Diego, despite the recalls, the defect has not been sufficiently remedied, and ‘thousands’ of Ferrari drivers are still driving around with potentially dangerous brakes.

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