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The just revealed Nissan electric mobile office is amazing





The Nissan electric mobile office is called the e-NV200 WORKSPACe..

It is an office on wheels. It features an integrated fold-out desk, touchscreen computer, wireless internet, smartphone-controlled LED lights, wireless phone charging, Bluetooth audio system, mini fridge and barista-quality coffee machine.

It also comes with a mount to keep your folding bike which is an alternative means of moving around the city.

One very interesting thing about this van is, it charges faster than some of our mobile phones.. from 0 to 80% in 30 minutes.

On this project, Nissan partnered with UK design workshop, “Studio Hardie” who converted the zero-emission van.

“Given the van’s green credentials we wanted to maximise the space with smart and considered features such as sustainably sourced materials and efficiently-powered technology,” said William Hardie, founder of Studio Hardie.

nissan electric mobile office

Photos: Mirror UK


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