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Nissan Picks Interest In Saving Fisker Financially



Fisker is not doing well financially, and that is why it is looking for an established name in the automotive industry to collaborate with. Fisker may already have a clue: Nissan would be interested.

Fisker has been busy in recent years preparing a whole model range, but now it is slowly time for some more money to come in. This was evident from the latest financial figures, because the losses are obvious. According to reports, Fisker announced that it was busy looking for a bigger name in the automotive industry to gain some financial support. Otherwise, according to CEO Henrik Fisker, more jobs would be at risk, while 15 percent of the workforce is already being cut. According to Reuters, fortunately for Fisker, there is already an interested party: Nissan.

In fact, the medium speaks of advanced discussions between Fisker and Nissan. The possible deal would be largely based on the Fisker Alaska, the pickup that the brand wants to put into production sometime in the coming years. Nissan would like to acquire this so that it can also launch an electric pick-up based on it. This is especially important for the American market, and Nissan has not yet achieved anything in that area. Fisker can, in turn, benefit from a capital injection from Japan.

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