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Opel Dusts The Frontera Nameplate As A New Electric SUV



Opel confirmed it will bring back yet another iconic nameplate from the 1990s. The Frontera is making a comeback as an all-electric SUV. Opel also shared a couple of images, although details are scarce at this point. The company claims that the all-electric Frontera will “display a new rugged interpretation of Opel’s bold and pure design philosophy.”

Judging by the images released today, it will most likely translate to angular bodywork with plenty of plastic cladding and a slightly raised suspension. If you squint your eyes just enough, there’s a tiny hint of the older Jeep Grand Cherokee in the profile of the new Frontera.

The Frontera will be the first vehicle from the brand to proudly wear the new version of the company logo, known as Blitz. We get a glimpse of it in one of the teaser images, together with one of the LED headlights. Opel is promising the new electric Frontera will offer plenty of room and will come with a versatile interior, something to appeal to both families and people with active lifestyles.

The first Opel Frontera was released in Europe in 1991 and remained in production for 7 years. The second generation, known as Frontera B, didn’t last as long and was discontinued in 2004. Outside of Europe, the vehicle was known as the Isuzu MU as a 3-door and the MU Wizard as a 5-door SUV in Japan. In North America, it was known as the Isuzu Amigo, and it even had a short stint as the Honda Jazz—yes, the Jazz used to be an SUV.

Back to 2024 Frontera: Opel is promising the new vehicle will be officially released later this year. Since the company is part of the Stellantis emporium, the Frontera may be based on the just-released STLA Large EV platform. That means it’ll share a lot of components with the new Jeep Wagoneer S, but it would mean a much larger vehicle than the outgoing Crossland.

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