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7 Ways To Spend Less On Transportation In Lagos




In recent times the cost of transportation has significantly gone up.There are loads of lamentations going on here and there ,but we just can’t do without transportation .Here are seven ways we can spend less on transportation .

Buy Your Own Car

While this is debatable,depending on the constant route you ply and some other factors.In the long run it kind of pays later .You would be saved from hikes by Danfo drivers.

Buy A Bicycle

Yeah I said it ,buy a bicycle .For those short and medium range distances .It would not hurt to go on a bicycle.Just make sure you put on protective gear and ride safely .

Understand Danfo Timing

Depending on the kind of area you are boarding a Danfo from,the time of the day has a role to play in cost of transportation.

For example if you stay in Oshodi , and you want to go towards Abule Egba-Sango  its cheaper in the morning from around 6am-1pm ,because people hardly go towards that area in the morning , but are moving away towards Oshodi, Ikeja etc.So the transportation cost is cheaper.

So understand the timing in that area with respect to the cost .

Find Out The Quickest Route

Asking around about the quickest route to your location would help save a lot .Also find a straight bus ,and not splitting the journey .

For example ,when I want to go to Yaba from Dopemu I used to take , Oshodi to Onipanu to Yaba(#100 + #50 + #50).I later figured out there is a straight bus for just #150.

Avoid Okada If You Can

You really don’t have to take okada all the time .Alternatively tricycles (Maruwa) are comparatively cheaper and safer when available.

Take The Water Ways

If you are unlike me and you are not shaken by the sight of large body of water ,then the water ways is a good option when available .Its comparatively cheaper,no traffic and safer if you use a life jacket.

Do Some Trekking

As a popular slang goes ,Leg it !!  .Your legedis benz is there for a reason.For considerably short distances , that wont take more than 20 minutes , it won’t do much harm if you take a walk .It would save you money and doctors say its good for your health.

Have a thing or two to add ?,hit me with comments .

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Queen D

    January 27, 2017 at 12:34

    Okada is expensive but a life safer especially for important appointment or interview.

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