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A Car Made Of Foam Teased By Kanye West’s Donda Company



Singer, Rapper and Producer Kanye West has ventured into the automobile business with his company Donda teasing a prototype vehicle made of foam. The image shows a polygonal car with huge wheels on both ends, not leaving any space for overhangs. The wheels look like those found on the airless Michelin Uptis tires.

Other than the glasshouse seen at the front, there aren’t many design features. The design is minimalistic, but it’s bizarre. West’s company, Donda, has selected Steven Smith to head up industrial design. While he isn’t very well-known in automotive design circles, the acclaimed designer is a hero among the sneaker and fashion community. In a statement, Smith said, “I’m honoured to help create our shared vision of the future, Mr. West is the single most inspiring creative I have ever worked with.”

Some questions that pop into mind are, how will the foam support weight and how will it be even remotely safe? How will it handle the intense heat that all drivetrains, internal combustion and electric, generate? Why pick foam at all if not just to grab headlines and attention for another celebrity-created product that’s far more style (not in this case clearly) than it is substance?

No word on the release or manufacturer but according to the statement it will be made in the U.S.

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