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Adegoke Pamilerin Acquires A Mercedes Benz C300 (Photos)



Adegoke Pamilerin Acquires A Mercedes Benz C300.

Adegoke Pamilerin mercedes benz

Adegoke Pamilerin, known as ThePamilerin is a Social Media Influencer/Digital Marketer. Pamilerin has worked with many Top Brands on different projects.

His tweets, Instagram posts are unique and this has stood him out among social media influencers in Nigeria.

Adegoke Pamilerin just acquired a Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic for himself. He announced joining the league of Mercedes Benz owners via his official Instagram account.

According to Pamilerin, his life changed for the better after meeting AyeniTheGreat. In his words “After school, I attended a lot of conferences and then I met Ayeni Adekunle Samuel (ATG) the owner of Blackhouse media at one of the events. We got talking, had meetings and he asked me to come work for him.”

Pamilerin studied marine engineering but ended up finding his passion in PR.

Mr. Adegoke wanted to study computer science but is parents preferred Marine Engineering so he could easily get a job and have job security.

More photos of Adegoke Pamilerin’s Mercedes Benz C300;

Adegoke Pamilerin mercedes benz Adegoke Pamilerin mercedes benz

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