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Police Checkpoints Or Police Fraudpoints?





I was baffled yesterday on my way from Lagos State to Ekiti State. I encountered close to 30 checkpoints between Osun State and Iyin Ekiti precisely.. and the police at all these checkpoints ensured they collected cash ranging from 50 Naira to 200 Naira.

At a particular checkpoint, we met some soldiers.. there was fire burning very close to the spot we were. So the passengers started screaming, let us get out from this fire area.. the next thing, their superior asked , “WHO SCREAMED? EVERYBODY OYA COME DOWN” I was shocked. All because of 50 Naira.

At another checkpoint, the driver said he didn’t have 50 Naira and the policeman responded “I CAN SEE THE 100 NAIRA IN YOUR POCKET, I WILL GIVE YOU 50 NAIRA CHANGE”.  I opened my mouth for five minutes and couldn’t close it  I was forced to read the name on his tag , he goes by the name “OGUNSEMOYIN” couldn’t decipher the other name on the tag.

My question is, why will transport fare not increase?

You can’t even travel to Lagos and back same day because these guys will waste 2 hours of your time. A journey of 5 hours eventually took 7 hours due to incessant stopping on the road.

Who should we blame for this extortion? The Federal Government or the Policemen?

Can checkpoints truly be eradicated in Nigeria?

Kindly drop your suggestions in the comment box below.

Written by Diiverexii

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  1. StanisWheels

    January 19, 2017 at 14:32

    one time, i was coming from port harcourt to owerri. At an army check point, a guy’s fone inside my bus rings, d dude unknowingly answers it. next thing we hear, “you with that phone come down and go and lie down under the army pickup, the rest of you go!!”

    after pleading with the officer, he collected money and released the young boy.


    • AutoJosh

      January 19, 2017 at 14:35

      Haha.. the boy will pour all the anger on the person that called him.

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