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Ferrari’s Newly Unveiled £3m FXX-K Evo Hypercar Is Like A Fighter Jet On Wheels



This is what the most powerful Ferrari you can buy looks like,and It’s called the FXX-K Evo, costs in the region of £3million and is just as potent as Ferrari’s current Formula One car.

The FXX-K Evo is a tweaked version of the already mega-exclusive FXX-K,Ferrari’s track-only hypercar.

It features a 6.3-litre V12 engine using the same petrol-electric Kinetic Energy Recovery System,also known as KERS,that F1 machines have been boosted with in recent years.

The two power sources combine to generate a staggering 1,036bhp. That’s more power than the car Sebastian Vettel has been chasing Lewis Hamilton in during the 2017 F1 season.

Everywhere you look,the FXX-K Evo has a sharpened and flared piece of bodywork.
This includes a twin-profile rear spoiler, two side wings and a central fin, all of which work in tandem to produce incredible levels of pin-it-to-the-road grip.

Ferrari says it generates a whopping 640kg of downforce at a speed of 124mph,that’s the equivalent of carrying an enormous tree trunk on the roof, wedging this multi-million-pound hypercar onto the tarmac when hurtling around the track(ground).

Which might explain why it features this bonkers mix of wings, central fin and spoilers. Without them, this extraordinarily exotic machine might just take off like a Fighter Jet.

Deemed far too extreme to ever be fitted with number plates, owners will only be able to use one in competition events or driving days at race circuits.And that’s the only place it can be used.

And Ferrari,the famed Maranello manufacturer won’t just sell one to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Ferrari hand-pick the owners of their FXX cars, and this one will initially be offered to existing FXX-K customers who find that their current 1,000bhp-hypercar just isn’t quite fast enough through a set of sweeping bends.

These millionaires and billionaires will be offered an upgrade on the non-Evoluzione(non-Evo) model,of which around 40 were made.


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