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Final Form Of The Aston Martin Valhalla Is Almost Here



Just a recap. In 2019, Aston Martin presented two new concept supercars in one fell swoop: the Vanquish Vision concept and the AM-RB003. The two were presented as the milder brothers of the then-well-known Valkyrie, with which Aston Martin would suddenly have three mid-engined supercars from scratch. The mid-engine Vanquish has now been scrapped, but’mid-engine-mid-engine’ AM-RB 003 will go into production next year as Valhalla. A lot of time has passed since that name was announced in 2019.

The fascinating thing is that we experience the development of the car semi-live. The 2020 version still looked exactly like the original concept car, but in 2021, we saw a very different Valhalla that was presented as a production version at the time. That car came along again in 2022, this time with a more or less final interior. Now Aston Martin itself is sharing photos of the Valhalla during test rounds. Who can describe our surprise: It once again shows a highly modified car. Although the basic shape and appearance have not been changed, all visible parts are different than before. The headlights have a sharper shape and a new layout; the front screens are even more accentuated; the opening in the flanks is cut differently; and the exterior mirrors have a new, lower, and thicker leg.

Could this finally be the definitive Valhalla form? It seems that way, although you have to forget about the racy ‘sliding windows’ and sticker work for the street version. The final Aston Martin Valhalla will have a unique ‘flat-plane’ V8, which together with three electric motors generates no less than 1,012 hp. To buy it, you not only need a lot of money but also some luck, because the edition of 999 copies will certainly sell out quickly.

Final Form Of The Aston Martin Valhalla Is Almost Here

2019 Concept

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