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Ford Slashes The Price Of The Mustang Mach-E With The F-150 Lightning Getting Cash Incentives



Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E Tops Norway Car Sales In May - autojosh

Ford has lowered the price of the Mustang Mach-E in the United States in response to slower EV sales across the market. The Mustang is now up to $8,100 cheaper than it used to be, with the minimum discount being $3,100.

The entry-level Select RWD trim is now $39,895 ($3,100 cheaper), followed by Select AWD and Premium RWD at $42,895 ($3,100 and $4,100 cheaper, respectively), Premium AWD at $45,895 ($4,100 cheaper), Premium RWD Extended Range at $45,895 ($8,100 cheaper), Premium AWD Extended Range and California Route 1 AWD at $48,895 ($8,100 cheaper in both cases), GT at $52,395 ($7,600 cheaper), and GT Performance Edition at $57,395 ($7,600 cheaper).

On top of all that, any Mustang Mach-E leased through Ford Credit will get a $7,500 cash incentive. Speaking of cash incentives, there are a few of those on offer for the F-150 Lightning truck. For purchases, you get $7,500 for the XLT Extended Range, $5,000 for the Lariat Standard and Extended Range, and a whopping $12,500 for the Platinum.

If you choose to lease your F-150 Lightning instead, then you can get $1,500 cash for the XLT, $5,000 cash for the Lariat, and $7,500 cash for the Platinum.

Ford boasts that the Mustang Mach-E was America’s No. 2 EV SUV in 2023 and Ford was America’s No. 2 EV brand, and it wants to hold onto those positions with these price reductions and incentives.

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