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Interior Minister Aregbesola Lambasted After Purchasing 10 Fire Service Trucks For ₦1.8 Billion





Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola lambasted after purchasing 10 Fire Service Trucks for ₦1.8 billion.

Former ADP Gubernatorial candidate Babatunde Gbadamosi said it would have been cheaper if the trucks were purchased from INNOSON.

The truck is question is a MAN TGM 18.280 FIRE FIGHTER TRUCK. According to some analyst, the total cost of those trucks should be around ₦856,000,000.


Minister of Interior Rauf Aregbesola commissions 10 ultra modern Fire Service Trucks Worth ₦1.8 Billion.

Minister of interior Rauf Aregbesola on Tuesday took to his twitter page to announce the commissioning of 10 ultra modern Fire service trucks worth N1.8 billion.

“Today I commissioned, 10 Ultra Modern Fire Service Trucks worth N1.8bn into service of the Federal Fire Service”


He added that the Fed Fire service responded to 2,615 Fire Calls, saved 724 lives and assets worth N1.629 trillion between June and October 2019 across the country.

Reacting to Aregbesola’s tweets, the fromer ADP Gubernatorial candidate for Lagos state, Babatunde Gbadamosi, asked the minister if he would have spent that much if the money was from his purse.

“$400,000 per truck? @raufaregbesola Would you WASTE this money like this if you WORKED for it yourself ?”


He wondered why Aregbesola had not purchased those trucks from INNOSON Vehicle Manufacturing, IVM.

“Was this really the most efficient way to inject ₦1.8b into the Federal Fire Service? How many states will get these 10 trucks now, Mr. Minister?”

“Would it not have made more sense to buy local & stretch that money further? I guess what you learned in Lagos cannot be unlearned.”


Just like Mr Gbadamosi, some commentators also believe that the trucks would have been cheaper if he had purchased them from Indigenous automaker, INNOSON.

The truck is question is a MAN TGM 18.280 FIRE FIGHTER TRUCK. On VAN VLIET website, that particular model starts at €195,000.

According to some analysis from some users, even if € 1 is ₦ 439, then each truck should cost you ₦85,605,000; and ten trucks should cost ₦856,000,000

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