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All You Need To Know About Keke NAPEP Business’ Profitability



New or second Hand Keke. Which is best?

I will advice you that if you want to go into the keke Napep business please get second Hand Keke Napeps not New one. Believe me it’s best to buy something new good. But getting a good second Hand Keke Napeps is around 180 – 240k and the person will pay you double. 

In Lagos you can easily make your money back in 2 months 1week maximum three (3) months. 

There are good good second hand keke Napeps.  Once more go for good second hand and not new ones. Many may deceive you that new are best, yes they are good am not disputing this. But me and you need sharp good fast money then second hand is the way. 

Method of Remittance

The period of complete returns on a keke depends on two Things: 

1. The status of the Keke at time of purchase (i.e New or second hand )
2. Does your driver work on Saturdays and Sundays? (Some people set any return from those days mostly Sunday as maintenance money. Some don’t) 
3. Agreed fee of return by driver.

There are generally two ways of payment. 

1. Hire purchase (Minor repairs, routine service and fueling will usually be handled by the driver)
2. Daily Balance 

I believe the two need no explanation just little extra tips. I will never advice you to give your keke napep based on returns of Daily Balance. It’s a No No method. So help you whatever you believe in. 

In transportation, don’t even trust your brother and Lagos for that matter… my brother you have to be weary. 
Hire purchase is the best. In the North, Higher Purchase is what is mostly done and in the South East mostly daily Balance. 

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Daily return vary according to 

1. Your state or Location
2. Status of Keke Napepe (new or old) 

In Niger , Katsina for example daily returns are N2000 and N3000 respectively for a new keke napep. And for second hand it is based on negotiation. But in Niger it is roughly N1500-1700/1800. 

Note all the price can be subject to negotiation. However am giving you standard normal price. 

In Lagos it is N2000 – N3500 

Now on the amount to return. There are two ways of paying back Hire Purchase.

1. Negotiated (you and the driver agrees that you bought keke marwa for say N400 and he will pay you N700 )
2. Standard (pay x2 the price. Takes place mostly in North and for second hand marwa).

Note: payment on hire purchase is all based on negotiations.

I bought one @ the rate of N220,000 and I gave it to a good rider who pay on installment basis. We agreed on the total sum of N550,000 with the weekly installment payment of N15,000.

Another was bought for N200,000 and I gave it on installment for N500,000, weekly payment of N15,000.

I also got another for N180,000. 

Cost of New Keke Napep

1. TVS ( N620,000 – N650,000 ) 
2. Bajaj (N600,000 – N650,000) as at Sept., 2017.

Note! The above price is obtainable in Niger, Kaduna, Kano and Lagos wholesalers. Adebike Tricycles (he blames dollar rate as reason for hike.)

Cost of Second Hand Keke Napep

You can get good grade 1 brand at N180,000 – N250,000. 

For more information on where to get Grade 1 keke Napep of any brand contact: o8o6o584656 or o9o9o529978 or o7o82005651

Available only for Lagos Residents……………..

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1 Comment

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    September 14, 2017 at 14:59

    Well put together Keke NAPEP Profitability Analysis

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