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Audi Says Goodbye To Base R8 V10 With 30 Special Editions




Audi says goodbye to the base R8 V10 in the US with 30 limited edition special cars.

Production will be splitted into 25 Coupes and 5 Spyders, with each sharing some parts reserved for the performance version.

Each of the Coupe will start at $186,000 while the Spyder version will start at $195,900.


The Audi R8 Coupe and Spyder supercars are accustomed to turning heads since they were introduced fourteen years ago.

From the standard LED headlights on the R8 V10 to the laser light on the V10 performance, the R8 makes its presence known every it goes.


Now, the Volkswagen-owned German automaker Audi is making changes to the R8 supercar lineup.

On Thursday, the automaker announced the production end of the base R8 V10 Quattro in the United States by unveiling limited edition versions.


The limited R8s will be available in both Coupe and Spyder body styles, with production split into 25 Coupes and 5 Spyders.


The R8s is available in the choice of three colors, including Mugello Blue, Avus Silver, and Sonoma Green.

It will also come with a number of features that were were only available on the R8 V10 Performance.


These include carbon fiber front sway bar to shave off 4.4 pounds, Magnetic dampers and a sport exhaust system.

Power comes from Lamborghini-sourced 5.2-liter V-10 that delivers 562 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.


It will allow the car to sprint from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds and top out at 201 mph (3.5 seconds and 200 mph for the convertible).

The special edition Audi R8 V10 supercars is scheduled to go on sale in the United States before the end of the year.

Each of the Coupe will start at $186,000 while the Spyder version will start at $195,900.

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