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Neolix Sees High Demand For Its Driverless Delivery Vans Amid Coronavirus Outbreak (Photos)




Neolix driverless delivery vans has attracted customers like Alibaba amid coronavirus outbreak

Unlike major automakers around the world, Neolix has seen high demand for its driverless delivery vans amid coronavirus outbreak.

Beijing-based driverless delivery van maker, Neolix is one of just few companies around the world that is not hurt since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus disease.

Before the outbreak, Neolix had only produced 125 units of its driverless trucks since manufacturing began in May 2019.



Now, the startup has received orders for more than 200 vehicles in the past two months, after attracting customers like Alibaba; Meituan Dianping and JD.Com Inc.

In addition to reducing physical contact, Neolix’s small vans has helped customers to address labour shortages caused by lingering quarantines and travel restrictions.


According to the founder, Yu Enyuan, Neolix’s inventories have been depleted during the epidemic. Its vehicles are now been used to deliver medical supplies in hospitals.

Yu Enyuan said :

“Demand has been surging since the virus outbreak and more importantly, people’s perception toward driverless delivery had a complete 180-degree shift,”

Yu added that :

“People realize that such vehicles can get things done when it is risky for a human being to do so.”


In order to curtail the disease, Neolix’s driverless vans are also being used to help disinfect streets.

They are also used to move food to people working on the front lines to curb the spread of covid-19.

According to the Neolix, the government subsidies will help speed up promotion of the its vehicles. The company expects to sell 1,000 units of its driverless delivery vans this year.

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