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Nissan Launches Solid-State Battery Production Line In Japan



Nissan is trying to stay up-to-date with the current trends in the EV world. The Japanese automaker just unveiled a new pilot production line in Yokohama, Japan. It should eventually enable making EVs with solid-state batteries and a volume too.

Solid-state batteries offer compelling advantages over the ones that currently power most EVs. Imagine an electric car that boasts double the energy capacity and could charge up in half the time. Solid-state batteries could be the key, and Nissan is working hard to make them a reality.

The company hopes to have these batteries on the market by 2028, which means they could be in your driveway sooner than you think. The benefits don’t stop at convenience, either. Solid-state batteries are also safer, and they might even unlock a more budget-friendly future for EVs.

Nissan faces serious competition from other auto giants, and the industry as a whole has hurdles to overcome before these batteries find their way into mass-produced vehicles.

Nissan’s research in this field is expansive, covering everything from the materials within the batteries to how EVs might one-day power entire cities. The automaker plans to use its groundbreaking technology in all types of vehicles.

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