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Nissan Unveils The IMx Kuro – One Of The Smartest Cars Ever made



The Nissan IMx Kuro concept car is perhaps one of the smartest car ever made.

It was recently debuted at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Drivers of this car have the option of choosing to take control of the car, or sit back and let the vehicle do the work.

The electric crossover can read a driver’s brain waves and help them improve their reaction times on the road. This is because the car features a new brain brain-to-vehicle technology.

In other for it to work, a driver must wear a device to measure brain wave activity, which will be read by the car’s autonomous systems. By anticipating that the driver intends to slow down or steer the wheel one way, the vehicle can help the driver accomplish these tasks faster than the driver could alone.

According to Nissan drivers most times won’t notice the help. Even when the car is driving itself, the brain-to-vehicle technology is still active. If the system detects a passenger is tired or uncomfortable, it can reconfigure the driving style to better accommodate occupants.

In autonomous mode, the steering wheel folds into the dashboard and the seats recline to give occupants more space in the cabin.

The vehicle also has the ability to park itself in a spot that can link up to shore power and return electricity to the grid when not being driven.

The IMx Kuro can put out 429 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. This power comes from an electric motor at both axles. Range is estimated at 600 km (373 miles).

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