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Tesla Set To Build A Data Center For Autonomous Cars In China



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Tesla plans to build a large data center in China that will play a role in the development of autonomous cars, at least, if we can believe the reporting from the generally well-established Reuters.

For the development of self-driving cars, little is as relevant as having a good set of cameras, sensors, and radar systems. Of course, data also plays a huge role. Tesla appears to be planning to build a center in China where it can, among other things, train the algorithm for its self-driving cars based on Chinese data.

To set up a data center in China, Tesla would have to work with a Chinese partner. The American company is said to have already had discussions with chip company Nvidia for the Chinese data center. However, US sanctions prevent Nvidia from selling advanced chips in China. Nvidia declined to comment on whether it has had discussions with Tesla.

Tesla founder Elon Musk visited China last month, where he spoke with Prime Minister Li Qiang, among others. According to the anonymous sources, the plans for the data center were then discussed. Musk is also said to have discussed the possibility of licensing Tesla’s ‘Full Self Driving’ systems (FSD) to Chinese self-driving car manufacturers. Musk previously indicated that Tesla was in discussions with another major car manufacturer about licensing these systems, without mentioning them by name.

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