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This Is How A Vehicle Speed Limiter Device Works



speed limiter device

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A Speed limiter is an engine control device which interfaces with the engine control unit (ECU – some people call it brain box) and speedometer of a vehicle to restrict the engine speed once the vehicle reaches a pre-configured speed. A speed limiter may work by reducing the airflow into the vehicle engine, the fuel supply to the engine or adjust the timing of the engine’s ignition system to keep the vehicle from exceeding the preset speed limit imposed by the limiter.

Speed limiters are common on many types of vehicles and are usually compulsory devices equipment on trucks and commercial vehicles in some jurisdictions. Different government agencies may enact Laws that require speed limiters for use in commercial vehicles. The main reason for installing speed limiters is that limiting the speed of these type of vehicles may improve highway safety. In the scenario of a passenger car, the reason for speed limiters is generally to prevent the vehicle from exceeding speeds that may affect certain design limitations and improve safety of the vehicle.

The Federal Road Safety Commission in line with a resolution reached with National Automotive Design and Development Council of Nigeria (NADDC), Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) and other stakeholders has made it mandatory for all vehicles in Nigeria with emphasis on commercial vehicles (buses, trailers, tankers and trucks) to install Speed Limiting Device.


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  1. SamO

    April 10, 2017 at 14:54

    Nice one AutoJosh as always!

    Over all, the idea of a speed limiting device in a vehicle is great esp. our truck (tanker) drivers that drive like they are moving Keke… reducing fatal accidents and trucks rolling over.

    AutoJosh, what’s your opinion on the effect of different speed limits pertaining to vehicle fuel efficiency and environmental pollution?

    • AutoJosh

      April 10, 2017 at 15:02

      Sure.. speed limit definitely improves fuel efficiency whilst reducing environmental pollution.

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