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Toyota launches Facelifted Corolla Cross SUV In Thailand



The Toyota Corolla Cross SUV debuted in 2020. That year, the Corolla family SUV was introduced to the Thai market. Although the model is not the same in every market—for example, the American and Japanese flavors have their own completely different fronts—the Toyota Corolla Cross intended for the European market in 2021 was optically in line with the version that was released almost four years ago. debuted in Thailand. Toyota has now given the Corolla Cross a facelift.

Design-wise, the new 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross has been given a heavily redesigned front fascia, headlined by a frameless grille design that somewhat looks like a Volvo EM90 and Lexus RX had a baby together. Interestingly, the new grille design is not mirrored in the range-topping GR Sport variant.

No matter which variant, though, the headlights have all been updated to new fully LED units, similar to those seen on the JDM Corolla Cross. The headlights feature a new crystal-like light signature that also doubles as sequential turn indicators. On the variants with the new face, the headlights are also conjoined with a new trim strip, giving the compact crossover a more modern and upmarket look overall.

Around the back, the taillights are also now LED across the board and similarly adopt the same design as the JDM model, but that’s about the extent of the changes on the outside.

As with its predecessor, the facelifted model is available with either a naturally-aspirated 1.8-liter gasoline engine or a 1.8-liter self-charging hybrid powertrain. The non-electrified version produces 138 hp (103 kW/140 PS) and 172 Nm (127 lb-ft) of torque, sending power to the front wheels through the Super CVT-i gearbox. The more efficient hybrid combines a 1.8-liter engine with an electric motor for a combined output of 121 hp (90 kW/122 PS), transmitted to the front wheels through an E-CVT gearbox.

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