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Volvo Set To Streamline Its EV Naming As “Recharge” Is No More



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In case some of you found Volvo’s naming scheme for some of its vehicles confusing, the company agrees with you. From now on, Volvo’s fully electric and plug-in hybrids will no longer have “Recharge” in their names.

The “Recharge” word is swapped out for an “E” prefix, so the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge, for example, are now EX40 and EC40. This new nomenclature is in line with the company’s existing EV models like the EX30, EX90, and the China-exclusive EM90 multi-purpose minivan. The PHEVs, on the other hand, adopt the “T6” or “T8” suffix, depending on the total output of the two systems in place.

The new and streamlined model name standard makes it even easier for existing and new customers to understand which of our models are fully electric and which are hybrids, as they shop for a new Volvo car.

“By aligning our trailblazing first electric models with the rest of our electric car portfolio, we simplify choice for consumers as we continue to electrify our line-up and refresh our hybrids,” says Björn Annwall, our chief commercial officer and deputy CEO.

In semi-related news, Volvo is upgrading its EX40 and EC40 with additional trims. The dual-motor versions now have an optional Performance Software Pack for certain markets, bumping up the total output to 436 hp (36 hp upgrade).

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