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Man ends 18 year marriage as wife gives car to pastor as “Seed”



Wife gives car to pastor :

wife gives car to pastor

Say the truth, what would you have done if you were in this Man’s shoe.. especially with the current state of the economy.

In the case of this couple, their 18 year old marriage was dissolved by a Customary Court in Agege.

The problem ensued when Mr Kingsley Onyenobi accused his wife of giving the car he bought for her to her pastor.. the 50 year old husband refused to understand the fact that she used it to “sow a seed”.

The wife and mother of two pleaded with the court not to dissolve her marriage.. despite that, the verdict was passed by the President of the court, Mr Phillip Williams.

“The two of you should go your separate ways without any molestation or harassment,” he ruled. Mr Williams said he was fully convinced that the couple could no longer live together as husband and wife.

In defense, the wife told the court that when she went for her church convention. She said the Holy Spirit told her not to go back home with all she brought to the venue.

“So, l left my car, jewelry and other things for the church. My pastor advised me to leave the house for some time”, she said.

She said “I still love my husband.” “Please help me to beg him, I am not ready to leave my husband because I still love him,”

On the other hand, the husband described is wife as careless and uncaring. That her attitude led to the death of their set of twins.

“I injected millions of Naira into her business and she could not give proper account till date”

He stated- “my wife is wasteful”


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