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Would You Sit On This Danfo Seat During Rush Hour in Lagos?



This was spotted this morning in Lagos.

It is a danfo with one of its seats without a seating surface.

It was during a Monday morning rush hour period. At such times, commercial vehicles are in extremely high demand. When available, their seats are subject to the most terrific competition.

In order not to be late to work, in Lagos, commuters typically do the weirdest things to secure a place in any available commercial bus. Some even scramble into the buses through the danfo windows. Anything, just to secure a seat in a danfo.

Also, during such periods, Danfo drivers and their conductor are kings, supreme authorities, alpha and omegas, etc.

They demonstrate not even slightest of courtesy for their passengers. They rain invective on any passenger who does not abide by their set rules. The comfort of their passengers is the very least of their care.

All that notwithstanding, all that the passengers are concerned about is how to reach their places of work.

So, during rush hour in Lagos, would you manage to sit on this sort of seat in a danfo?



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