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10 Safety Tips For Night Driving You Should Never Neglect



night driving with poor vision

night driving dashboard
When God created us, we were meant to exploit the day and rest when it’s night. As years are passed by, human beings got engaged in activities that will keep them up both during the day and at night.

In some places like Lagos, I don’t think there is something like day and night. Things keep happening, traders keep selling, and drivers keep driving. Most people have adapted to this radical change in lifestyle.

Driving at night can never be the same as driving during the daytime. They are two different things. Our ability of driving relies on sight. This our ability to see goes down with darkness when darkness comes around. In the absence of sunlight, darkness will gradually strangle your ability to see very well. Your depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision are all tampered with.

Again, we are not as bright and alert at night as we are during daytime.

If you should carry out your research properly, you’ll see that up to 50% of fatal car accidents occur at night. Even though there are fewer cars on the road at night, the fatality rate on night driving is still on the high side.

At night, be assured you’ll be dealing with drunk drivers, sleep-deprived drivers, zombies and frustrated animals on the road.

But if you must be out driving at night, here are some safety night driving tips we have for you:

1. Avoid taking medications that can make you drowsy:
night driving stress

Even the food you eat matters. Eat food that is high in protein rather than ones high in carbohydrates which is more likely to make you feel sleepy.

2. Rest adequately before your night driving:
It is not advised to take up night driving after a stressful day. Driving with sleepy eyes is very dangerous.

3. Have someone around with you in the car:
They can help you stay awake with conversation. If the person can drive well too, share the driving duties.

4. Don’t take alcohol:

You have been hearing and seeing that statement before now. So, no much talk on that. Alcohol will simply impair your driving ability. It will make you react slowly to stimuli.

If you are lucky enough, you won’t cross path with already drunken drivers. Try as much as you can to be very careful especially over the weekend.

5. Don’t fiddle with your gadgets:
Activities such as talking on cell phone or texting are as dangerous as taking alcohol. It distracts driving. Ensure you’re safely parked if you must use them.

You may want to read our post on Avoid These 7 Distracted Driving Habits. They Are Dangerous.

6. Ensure your headlights are working properly:
As we said earlier, visibility is of the essence while driving. Your headlights will aid your visibility to avoid possible hazards.

7. Ensure your brake lights are functional:
The brake light gives the drivers behind you signal that they need to slow down and keep sensible distance between you and them.

8. Most of the time, the less-enlightened drivers would want to set your retina on fire with their lights. When you’re a victim of this, just do this.
night driving with poor vision
When such a car is approaching you from the opposite direction, divert your gaze. Use the lane marker or painted median stripes as a guide. If the person is behind you, use the nighttime reduced-glare setting on your rearview mirror.

9. Don’t be in haste:
The way you speed during the day should not be that way you speed at night. Always ply on a very controllable speed at night for the sake of visibility.

10. In case of car breakdown, ensure you park in a very safe place. Being on the road can be deadly. Some drivers are not sane. Some might even think you’re an armed robber or blood sucking demon if by chance they see you on the road. Be careful, respect yourself so that they don’t run over you.


Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.