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10 Tips To Help You Stay Safe When Boarding Okada




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I personally avoid “Okada”(motorcycle or motorbike) as much as I can .But some situations come up where you just can not do without these guys .

For some people its an everyday affair and very few people take their safety into consideration.

Today I would be giving you some tips on how to ensure your safety when boarding an Okada.

1.Make Sure He Is Not Drunk

This is more than important ,it should be your first check.Observe closely , at the first sign of alcohol back off !!,even if he looks completely sober.

2.Consider Mature Men

This is debatable,but its safe to say that real men and not boys are more responsible .Usually between the age bracket of 30 and 45,they are always cautious of their speed and most times obey traffic laws compared to the younger ones.After all, they have kids at home and they don’t want to die .

3.Be The Only Passenger If You Can

Its safer to be the only passenger.And I know  many of the Okada men would not agree,but its safer.

4.Learn To Caution The Rider

If he is over-speeding and taking dangerous maneuvers and overtaking both big and small, with reckless abandon ,speak up !.

5.Avoid Okada At Night

I know some people would protest at this.But its safer to avoid okada at night .A tricycle would suffice.

6.Avoid Boarding Okada On Major And Express Roads

Cars move faster on such roads ,and bikes are more prone to accidents in such scenarios.

7.Pregnant And Nursing Mothers Should Stay Away !!

Yeah I said it ,its just too dangerous .In the event of even a slight fall ,the aftermath could be fatal.Don’t also back your babies on an Okada .

8.Be Careful With Dangling Clothes And Accessories

Trust me it could be fatal.

Picture this :An Okada is moving fast,and passes by a stationary vehicle and your beautiful dress or ear piece or hair is dangling in the air and it gets hooked to the stationary vehicle.

I am sure you have a good imagination ,play the scenario slowly in your head .

9.Never Leave Kids Alone At The Back Without An Adult

Except the kid is holding the riders waist firmly .But I see a lot Nigerian parents sending Okada men to pick their children from school(sometimes up to 4 of them on one bike ??? !!!).Its very risky.

10.I Think Helmets Should Come Back

This is really not a tip,more of a suggestion, because the use of helmets in Nigeria has proven almost impossible .Due to hygiene concerns and other reasons it has continually failed .But note that it is still safe to have an helmet on when you are on a bike .


What do you think ?,have something to add ?.

Disagree with a point ?

Lets hear from you.

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  1. Queen D

    March 2, 2017 at 16:58

    “If he is over-speeding and taking dangerous maneuvers and overtaking both big and small, with recklessness… abandon him and his bike… This is so me !

    • AutoJosh

      March 6, 2017 at 12:08

      Some of them believe nothin can happen

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