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3 Symptoms Of Bad Or Failing AC Condenser Fan



condenser fan for ac

condenser fan for ac

There are various components that make up a complete car air conditioning system; condenser and a condenser fan are among them.

The function of the condenser is to convert the refrigerant gas to liquid form which flows through the AC system.

A great amount of heat is expelled from the condenser when this conversion is going on. The condenser can be said to be a heat exchanger for the AC system.

The function of the condenser fan is to keep the condenser cool whenever it gets hot. This is to enable the condenser effectively convert gas into liquid and then keep the AC system operating effectively.

Problem is bound to arise whenever the condenser fan goes bad.

If the condenser ends up going bad, there are symptoms that would be displayed.

These symptoms are:

1. Warm air from the vent when AC is on:

Except you altered the temperature of the AC to dissipate hot air, it should always bring out cool air at all times.

When the air coming out from the vent becomes warm, know there is a problem somewhere.

This arises when the condenser have gotten so hot to the extent it won’t be able to convert the refrigerant into cool liquid.

Warm air from the vent is among the first signs that something is wrong with the condenser fan.

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2. Your car overheats when idling:

Your car overheating when idling is another sign you can get. Bad condenser fan should be suspected if the car overheats with the AC on and is idling.

An overheated condenser can affect the overall engine temperature thereby causing overheating.

Usually, this overheating will decrease as the car start to move because of increased airflow and natural cooling to the condenser.

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3. You perceive burning smell when AC is on:

This is another more serious symptom of a failed condenser fan. Your car begins to emit a burning smell.
When the condenser is not getting cooled as it should, it will start overheating, other AC components will join in overheating as well. They eventually get hot enough to burn and emit an odor.

More damage is done the longer the components get overheated.

When you turn on your AC and start perceiving burning smell, ensure you have your AC system checked by professionals.

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