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7 Safety Tips To Consider When Buying Stuff In Lagos Traffic






The government has placed a ban several times, on street and highway hawkers,but their efforts seems to be in vain.

Most times we buy stuff in traffic ,we pay little or no attention to the safety of our lives,properties and even that of the seller .

DISCLAIMER: Autojosh is in no way endorsing, purchasing or selling things in traffic,our aim is to make sure you are safe.

Here are some tips you should consider and take quite seriously.

1.Buy Whatever You Need Before Boarding

Always buy whatever you need before boarding the bus ,or embarking on your journey,its safer this way.However ,if you find your self buying things in traffic, the next steps would help keep you and the seller safe.

2.Don’t Call The Seller When The bus Is Moving Too Fast

This isn’t really about your safety ,but the safety of the seller .Don’t call sellers when your bus is on high speed ,especially little children .They might get hit by a vehicle while trying to catch up.

I know you might say “whats my business”,I am sure you won’t want to live with the guilt all your life knowing a child,man or woman died in traffic because you wanted to chop gala.

3.Have Complete Change Ready

Search your purse or wallet and make sure you have the exact cost of what you want to buy ready,so you would avoid “stories that touch the heart”.If you don’t have the exact amount ,give a considerably lower denomination closer to the cost,so you don’t loose a large amount of money in case they run away .

For example , #200 for a product of #120 and not #1000.

4.Ask The Seller To Get Change Ready

When the seller comes up to you ,before collecting the product or giving him/her money ,tell them the denomination you have and how much change you are going to collect.

This way the transaction is faster and safer, everything(the main money,the change and the product) gets switched almost immediately.

5.Inspect The Product

Always inspect any product you buy in traffic ,expiry date,properly sealed lids and covers etc.

6.Keep Your Belongings Well

Whether you believe it or not some of these sellers are thieves ,they would steal your belongings and run away !.So keep every item of yours out of their reach !.

7.Don’t Take The Window Down !

If you are in a private vehicle,you should take the window down slightly ,giving enough space to accommodate what you are buying .Don’t take it all the way down !.

What do you think ?

We hope you have learnt a thing or two.

Do you have something to add ?,we would love to hear from you .

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