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5 Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore When Driving Around Schools



school crossing


The holiday would soon be over and kids would be resuming back to school.Expect to see a large number of them populate the streets around (7AM-9AM) and (1PM-4PM).

We all know how school kids can be sometimes ,especially the public school children,because of their large number (no offense -I attended a public school too na -Great Mayflower Students !).

I would be giving you some tips today on how to ensure your safety and that of the school kids while driving .

1.Slow Down

When I say slow down , I really mean slooow dooown any time you are driving around schools or a road where school kids take often.

2.Be Ready At All Times

Children behave like springs sometimes ,one moment they are here , the next microsecond they are right in front of your car.So you have to be alert,focus and be ready to prevent a mishap.

3.Don’t Park In Front Of Schools

Its really not advisable to park directly in front of schools ,because you are indirectly putting kids in danger .Let me explain.
When you park in front of the school,depending on the way the road is constructed ,you might obstruct the view of kids who are trying to cross over to the other side,they won’t see oncoming vehicles clearly because of their height ,the same goes for oncoming vehicles,they won’t see the kids.
Also, parking your vehicle there sometimes forces them to walk on the major road since you have taken all the space intended to be used as a side walk(once again depending on how the road is constructed).
But I hope you get the picture I am trying to paint .

4.Take Note Of Signs And Flags

Be observant and take note of signs and flags ,most times thats the point where the school children are going to cross the road.Be observant !.

5.Be Careful When Reversing

Every car has blind spots ,some of these cuties are just to short for you to see ,so be extra careful before you reverse.I have experienced such mishap once,thankfully the kid came out just fine.You might not be so lucky.


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