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Nissan Shifts Focus On EVs As They Suspend Developing New Combustion Engines




Nissan has declared its unwavering commitment to an electric future, confirming that it will cease all investments in developing new combustion engines. This is a significant shift in the automaker’s strategy as it joins the growing ranks of manufacturers fully embracing electrification.

While Nissan’s future is undeniably electric, the company acknowledges that the transition will not be instantaneous. Francois Bailly, Senior Vice President and Chief Planning Officer for Nissan’s AMIEO region, revealed in an interview with the Australian publication Drive that existing combustion engines will continue to power vehicles, albeit in hybrid form through the e-Power system. This approach allows Nissan to leverage its existing technology while gradually phasing out traditional internal combustion engines.

Enthusiasts of Nissan’s iconic performance models need not fret, as the recent introduction of the Ariya Nismo showcases Nissan’s ability to adapt its performance heritage to the electrified era. While the fate of the next-generation GT-R might be shrouded in mystery, Bailly’s comments suggest that both hybrid and all-electric options are on the table. If the Nissan Hyper Force concept car is anything to go by, the electric GT-R will once again shake up the world of hypercars.

Nissan’s decision to focus solely on electrification contrasts with the approach taken by other Japanese automakers. Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda have collaborated to develop new carbon-neutral combustion engines that run on alternative fuels like biofuels, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels. While these fuels hold promise, Nissan appears confident that its existing technology is sufficient to bridge the gap until EVs achieve cost parity with internal combustion engine vehicles.

As Nissan embarks on this electrifying journey, the company plans to introduce several new models, all of which will use existing combustion engines in hybrid configurations. While some may express concern over the slowing adoption rate of EVs, Nissan remains steadfast in its commitment to an electrified future, tailoring its powertrain strategy to the unique requirements of each market.

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